Core Rules: How to Play

Each player takes on the role of an epic adventurer of sword and sorcery, out for glory and treasure! Your hero can be an elf ranger, dwarven thief, ogre barbarian, human wizard, pixie bard...practically anything you want!

At its heart, this game is about cooperative storytelling. Each player decides what their character does and says (with a few rules and dice rolls to keep things dramatic yet fair). The players’ characters band together to defeat challenges while on grand quests of adventure.

One player doesn’t have a hero but instead guides the action as the Game Master (GM).  The GM sets the stage for the story, describes new areas encountered, plays the role of monsters and non-player characters (NPCs), and acts as referee. The GM either plans the main points of the adventure ahead of time and/or improvises on the fly. Players may negotiate rulings, but the GM’s word is final.

Special Note: The game is NOT “players vs.  the GM.” The GM should create good challenges without being an unfair jerk. Meanwhile, the players ideally strive for glory, riches, and the satisfaction of overcoming obstacles without obsessing about “winning”.

  • Characters: How to create your character, the avatar you will play during your role playing sessions.

  • Ability Checks: How to use your character's abilities.

  • Example Scenario: What a role playing game session looks like.

  • Combat: Special rules to play combat between your characters and NPC (non-player characters, like opponents, mobs, monsters...).

  • Magic: Special rules to play magic, and a list of playable spells.

  • Equipment: A list of equipment items your characters can buy during their adventures.

  • Hero Advancement: Campaign rule that allows your character to progress.