When using magic, first announce the spell being cast and the target or targets. The caster himself is always a valid target.

Casting a spell requires your character’s hands be free to gesture, and that he/she can speak. In addition, casting takes great focus. You must roll Mind 6+ in combat, or just 3+ when not in danger. If the roll fails, the spell fizzles.

If the casting is successful, roll the spell’s power dice (usually 1D or 2D, here generically referred to as “XD”) to determine the effect.

Many spells allow the target to resist or reduce the effects by making a contested roll against the caster’s XD roll. If the target gets multiple attempts at this, the caster of the spell re-rolls the XD dice every time.

Spell Descriptions

Arc Lightning

Deals XD points of electrical damage divided any way you choose among any number of visible targets. The caster takes 1 point electric damage for each target.

Burning Ring of Fire

A spinning ring of flames encircles the caster, causing XD fire damage to any who successfully melee attack the caster. In addition, there is a chance that any nearby combustibles catch aflame (per GM whim). The mage must fully concentrate to maintain the spell, taking no other actions, but may move slowly.

Cloud of Chaos

Thick purple smoke rapidly fills an area 100 feet in all directions. All non-undead creatures present – even the caster and his allies – must check Mind versus the XD roll result or miss their next turn.


Unless the target enemy wins Mind vs. XD, it comes under the control of the caster’s player. The mage can do nothing but concentrate to maintain the spell, using his turn to instead control the enemy.


This may be cast at any time, even during another’s turn. When a spell you wish to block is cast – and assuming the Mind check to cast counterspell is successful – the original caster must win a Mind vs. XD roll or else their spell fizzles without effect.

Divine Authority

If the target fails a Mind vs. XD test, the caster compels the creature to answer one question truthfully, which will be answered either "yes”, “no”, or “I do not know". This spell does not work on animals or the undead, and the caster and target must know the same language or otherwise be able to somehow communicate.


Sticky webbing shoots from the caster’s hands, attempting to entrap one creature. Unless the target wins a Body vs. XD roll, it will miss its next turn.


With a flash of light and whiff of smoke, the caster and all allies teleport away. They instantly reappear in a random location of the Game Master’s choosing up to half a mile away. This spell can only be cast once per day.


Unless the target makes a Mind vs. XD ability check, they become intensely afraid. They will not attack or use items or effects against the caster for an hour, unless he becomes actively threatening against them. This spell does not work on undead.


Does double the XD roll in fire damage to a single visible target, and the straight roll in damage to everyone else (friend or foe, even the caster) 100 feet in every direction. But if any creature rolls Body 6+, they dive for cover at the last second and take only half damage (round down).


All creatures within a mile (the caster too) take XD points of fire damage. The caster may choose to roll fewer dice than the spell’s full power.


One touched creature heals XD hit points, but not beyond their max HP. Undead are not affected. The caster loses 1 hit point, whether or not the casting is successful.


The caster vanishes and cannot be directly targeted by attacks or spells. (They are still vulnerable to area effects such as Cloud of Chaos or Fireball.) The spell ends if the caster attacks, casts another spell, or takes damage.


The recipient adds a number of dice equal to this spell’s power to their next roll, if made within 5 minutes.


The recipient adds the power dice of the spell to their next melee attack, and adds the same roll result to the damage if it hits.


One target creature must roll Body vs. XD twice. If both rolls fail, the target turns to stone and is instantly killed.


Acts as single-use armor of power equal to the spell’s power. This magic armor remains active until used, but dissipates right after the next time the wearer is hit.


One body (less than 10 minutes dead) rises as a zombie slave which only obeys the caster, and acts after the caster’s turn. Use the stats for a basic zombie as listed in this book, regardless of the type of creature the target was. This spell can only be used once per day.


The next spell targeting the recipient is reflected back upon its caster. This only works for spells where the recipient is named as a target (not area effects).


The caster develops an electric charge. The next time the caster is hit by (or hits with) a melee attack, the enemy creature takes 4 points of electrical damage and the spell ends.


No sound is produced within a 100-foot radius for 1 or 2 rounds (depending on whether the spell power is 1D or 2D). Spell casting by anyone becomes impossible.

Soul Blast

Does XD damage to all undead creatures up to 100 feet in all directions, but causes 3 damage to the caster for each power die rolled. (You may choose to roll fewer dice.)


One target misses their next turn unless it wins a Mind vs. XD roll. This spell does not work on undead creatures.

Sympathetic Decay

The caster sacrifices an item in their possession to destroy a non-magic item made of similar material. For example, sacrifice a dagger to destroy an enemy’s sword.


You move by thought any single object weighing no more than XD pounds, for up to a minute. Movement is 5 ft. per second; too slow for collisions to cause damage.


Replicates any spell, but causes 5 points of damage to the caster if successfully cast.