Your hero is outlined by three ability scores, listed below. Choose one score to have a power of 3 dice (abbreviated 3D), give 2D to another, and the last 1D. Write these down on an index card, scrap of paper, or a copy of the Character Sheet. The higher the power of an ability score, the better your hero is at related tasks.

  • Body – Strength, constitution, stamina, skill with weapons, dexterity and coordination, resistance to poison, etc.
  • Mind – Intelligence, wisdom, senses and perceptiveness, magical aptitude, intuition or insight, problem solving, etc.
  • Skill – Lock picking, hiding and sneaking, back-stabbing, dirty fighting tricks, disabling traps, picking pockets, climbing walls, etc.

Next, choose two special items for your hero to start with. These can be armor, weapons, or spells. (However, a hero can only be wearing one suit of armor at a time.) Assign a power of 2D to one of these items, and a power of 1D to the other.

Starting weapons can be whatever you desire; sword, axe, crossbow, nunchaku, a pair of daggers, etc. The same goes for armor; boiled leather, steel plate, chain-mail, or even a loin cloth if that’s your thing. Magic spells however must be chosen from the options described in the Spells section.

You also begin with 20 gold pieces (gp) to buy additional equipment from the items listed on page 21. You don’t have to spend it all now.

Every hero has 20 hit points (HP). These are reduced as you take damage, so keep tally. If a hero’s HP falls to zero, he’s dead. Sorry.

Give your character any details you feel like: name, archetype, race, accent, bias, etc. You’re set to go!

Example: Joe wants to play a buff human martial artist with some magic ability, so he assigns 3D to Body and 2D to Mind. This leaves 1D for Skill. For items, he likes the idea of a magical gi that acts as 2D armor, and finally chooses an Arc Lightening spell for his starting 1D power item.