Example Scenario

The party finds a cave and decides to explore.

GM: “The air is chill and slightly damp as you enter. The cavern is pitch black and silent.”

Cain: “I light a torch and lead the way.”

Alean: “No, let me. I’m better at spotting things. GM, I’m going to move slow and keep a close eye out for tripwires or other dangers.”

Oxx: “I’ll take the back position. We don’t want anything sneaking up on us.”

GM: “Very well. Alean, roll Mind to check how perceptive you are.”

Alean: (rolls) “I rolled 8. Anything?”

GM: “The tunnel is rough stone, mildewed and unremarkable. After just twenty feet you come across a small wood box with a padlock. The tunnel continues beyond. Alean, you haven’t noticed anything worrisome.” (Perhaps there truly isn’t anything...or perhaps the difficulty of spotting it is higher than Alean rolled.)

Cain: “I’ll try to pick the lock. Keep an eye out, guys.” (rolls Skill) “Dang! I doubt a 4 works.”

GM: “Your lock pick jams and almost breaks. You didn’t accomplish anything.”

Oxx: “Out of the way! I’ll smash the box open.” (rolls Body to test his strength) “HA! Fifteen! Take that, puny slats of wood.”

GM: “The box shatters under your boot...and a thick cloud of black dust gushes out, filling the tunnel. You all begin to gag, and your eyes burn. Everyone make Body rolls!”

Alean: “Oh no! We forgot to check the box for traps! (rolls) I hope a 5 is enough to save me.”

(Oxx rolls 9, Cain 7. The GM decides this is an Average difficulty trap, requiring 6+ to resist.)

GM: “The dust is a poisonous mold! Thankfully Oxx and Cain recover quickly. But the mold catches in Alean’s lungs. She takes 3 points of damage, and will take 3 additional damage every day until she receives magical healing.”

Alean: “Well then, it’s a good thing I have this healing potion with me!” (she rolls the item’s power die) “I rolled 6, but I was only down 3 hit points. That was a bit of a waste. But at least I’m cured of the mold.”

Cain: “Well, now that that’s settled, what was in the box? I sift through the wreckage.”

GM: “Apparently, the box was just a trap for the gullible; you don’t find anything of value.”