Regular equipment

The below items are just basic ideas! Use your imagination, and if the GM agrees it is allowed.

1 Gold

  • Backpack (20 lbs.)
  • Bedroll
  • Candle (10’, 3 hrs.)
  • Loot sack (50 lbs.)
  • Rations, 1 week
  • Torch (30’, 1 hour)
  • Water skin (2 liters)

5 Gold

  • Bandage (2 HP)
  • Flint stone & steel
  • Lamp oil (5 hrs.)
  • Ten foot pole
  • Waxed scroll case

10 Gold

  • Lantern (30’)
  • Local map
  • Rope (+1D climb)
  • Hammer and spikes
  • Parchment, ink, quill
  • Healing potion (1D)

20 Gold

  • Four-person tent
  • Pet cat, owl, etc.
  • Cloak (+1D hide)
  • Gloves (+1D climb)
  • Elf boots (+1D quiet)
  • Healing potion (2D)
  • Musical instrument
  • Spell scroll (1D)

50 Gold

  • Riding horse
  • Spyglass
  • Hand mirror
  • Lock pick (+1D)
  • Spell scroll (2D)

100 Gold

  • Faithfull Wolf Hybrid (1D Bite, 12 HP)
  • War Stallion (1D Trample, 12 HP)


variable (more useful = more value)

These items can be anything imaginable. Each gives +1D in a specific situation. A lock pick gives +1D Skill when opening a lock, for example. Exact effects are up to the GM.

Animal Companion

100 gold

These little friends can be anything the GM approves. Each character can have only one at a time. Most have Body 1D, Mind 1D-4, Skill 2D, and 12 HP, but the GM may adjust this. For example, if the companion can fly then perhaps HP would be reduced as a counterbalance.

Treasure & Magic Items

On average, monsters possess wealth equal to their HP times 4. About half of this value is in equipment, the rest in gold. They might not be carrying it all on them, and some creatures own nothing at all. Treasure can also be found in hidden places, as a reward or bounty, etc.

The below magic items are merely ideas to get your creativity going. If you imagine it, and the GM allows (possibly with adjustments), do it!

Healing Potion

10 gold (1D) or 20 gold (2D)

Drink as an action to heal XD hit points, up to your max HP. Always works. Instantly effective.

Magic Weapon

100 gp (1D) or 175 gp (2D)

+1D Body when attacking. The weapon’s power is not affected.

Magic Wand

100 gold

+1D Mind when casting spells. The power of the spell is not affected.

Ring of Elemental Resistance

50 gold

Any type of elemental damage (fire, acid, wind, water, sonic, electric, etc.) dealt to the wearer is divided in half (round down). The wearer cannot cast elemental damage spells.

Spell Scroll

20 gold (1D) or 50 gold (2D)

Contains a one-time use spell, of the player’s choice if purchased or GM’s choice if found as treasure. Using a scroll requires a Mind roll.